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Shane McMahon returns, demands control of Raw

The announcement last week that an award honoring WWE founder Vincent J McMahon, an honor no one had ever been deserving of until now, drew some raised eyebrows, Twitter jokes and mild speculation, but not much more.

At Fastlane, we were shown the trophy and told it would be handed out in the first segment of Raw. That brought a little more interest, but that was it.

In the minutes leading up to the broadcast, rumors started to swirl about the Feb. 22 edition of WWE's flagship show being special. That a big surprise would come right off the top.

Boy, did it. Here came the money.

Shane McMahon hadn't been seen on WWE television since 2010. He left to pursue non-wrestling/sports entertainment success, a move that reportedly drove a wedge between he and his father, Vince K McMahon.

Something's been done to smooth those over, because Shane O'Mac is back.

After Vince introduced Stephanie as the award winner, the Billion Dollar Princess set about making some remarks. As soon as she went to thank her husband, WWE champ Triple H, Shane's music hit.

After a moving ovation - one that left Shane in tears - they got down to business. And business was that he was galled his dad would give Steph this award, and hadn't even told her the "news".

He broke that news by running down the issues the company has experienced under Steph's leadership - low ratings, stock price, talent injuries - and said that a few years back he bailed Vince out of a tough spot. In doing that, Shane retained his place in line to take over the company. And got something VKM doesn't want to be made public...something he could use for leverage in negotiations with dear old dad.

Something he'd use to take control of Raw.

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