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Roman Reigns ‘idiotic fans’ might cause Kevin Owens to delete his Twitter account

United States champion Roman Reigns continued to play mind games with best friends Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens after Raw on Monday night (Dec. 5). Makes sense, seeing as the Big Dog will be trying to take the Universal title from KO at Roadblock in a couple weeks.

Jericho just wants to be left alone to deal with things (including, probably, his emotions):

Owens lashed back. And in typical KO Twitter form, he did it by targeting the Roman Empire:

He went on to reTweet some of the “mind-numbing” replies. We won’t post those here, as we don’t want to shame anyone further, but if you’ve ever been on Twitter, Facebook, or a comment section somewhere other than (cheap pop alert) RIGHT HERE AT CAGESIDE SEATS, where we have the best damn pro wrestling community on the internet, you know he’s not lying.

It all got to be too much for the Prizefighter:

Before he takes the drastic step of deleting his own account, he’s appealing to his bosses for some relief in the form of punitive measures against the Big Dog.

This is only going to get Owens heat with people who already hate him, and make him more beloved by heel-loving smarks like yours truly, but that’s pro wrestling in 2016.

It’s definitely entertaining, and that’s what counts most.

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