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Big Show returned on Raw, and no one was sure how to react (until he beat up Kevin Owens)

Been a while since we’ve seen him, but at Raw tonight (Dec. 5) in Austin, WEEEEELLLLLLL...

The four-time World champ was drafted to Raw when the brand extension occurred, but hasn’t wrestled on television since the Fourth of July. His return tonight was announced by current Universal champion Kevin Owens as the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins, who’d declared his intent to win the title from KO as a means to get a shot at Triple H.

The Texas crowd wasn’t entirely sure how to react to Show. Kids cheered, and the fans he waved to were excited to cheer back, but it wasn’t until Owens incessant cheerleading and direction got on Show’s nerves that the WWE Universe embraced the Giant fans have been known to chant “Please Retire” to in the past.

Show took a walk, letting the Architect pick up a countout win (and Pedigree the champ)... all things the crowd could definitely get behind.

What’s next for the World’s Largest Athlete (even in his new, slimmed down form)? Was this a one-off return, or is Big Show back in the Raw rotation? Will the build to his planned WrestleMania match with Shaquille O’Neal start now?

How did you react when you heard his iconic theme hit the speakers?

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