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New Day wins second Triple Threat, is almost certainly breaking the WWE record for longest tag title reign

After stringing us along all night (well, they certainly worked me, as the most edited post in Cageside Seats history proves), we finally learned whether or not New Day would tie and break Demolition’s record for longest tag title reign in WWE history.

After defeating Cesaro & Sheamus and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, some poorly directed champagne spray caused Stephanie McMahon to book them in a match with Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho. A brawl featuring those best-friends-on-the-rocks and their Roadblock opponents led to Mick Foley adding former tag champs Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns to the mix, meaning New Day would need to win TWO Triple Threats in one night to reach 478+ days with the belts.

The champs changed up their line-up, putting Woods in with E rather than Kofi, who worked the first match... and took most of the damage.

In the second bout, E was in trouble for a long early stretch as he was worked over by JeriKO. Until, of course, he and Roman came in for a tandem three-man suplex spot to send the match to commercial.

The former Shield brothers were focused on Jericho & Owens, and vice versa. But the agreed on beating up Xavier Woods a lot. Several thrilling nearfalls were set-up by tandem offense on Woods, and pins being broken up by brawls between the challengers.

One of those furthered the dissolution of Owens and Jericho’s relationship. Rollins shoved KO into Y2J, and the two started to argue. That created an opening for Seth to hit his rival on Sunday with a Pedigree. But E pulled the Architect from the ring, and an exhausted Woods rolled over to over him.

479 BAY-BEE!

And the show is over now, so I’m almost certain WWE won’t yank our chains again.

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