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New Day win Triple Threat, still have to win again to secure record for the longest tag title reign in WWE history

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2: Kevin Owens convinced Stephanie to give him and his best friend a chance to ruin New Day’s shot at history.

UPDATE 3: KO’s announcement devolved into a brawl between he & Jericho and their Roadblock opponents, so Mick Foley made it another Triple Threat:

ORIGINAL: Raw opened tonight (Dec. 12) with the promised main event of New Day going for defending their tag team championship in a Triple Threat against Sheamus & Cesaro and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Winning would ensure they tie and break the record for longest title reign in WWE history.

Well, after a promo, of course.

Xavier Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston spoke to the crowd in Philadelphia (and at home on USA Network), and it was their run in a nutshell... kind of all over the place. There were decidedly babyface elements, like when Woods teared up as he spoke of his grandmother, who passed during the last 478 days. But they also bragged about how great they are, and commentary showed us the backstage celebration New Day’s preparing for when they tie Demolition’s record at midnight.

There were lots of Booty Os.

By virtue of the Triple Threat stipulation, the champs could lose the belts without being pinned or submitted. But early on, it looked like Kingston would indeed eat the pin, as the Sheamus, then Cesaro, then Anderson worked him over in the early going. That continued after a commercial break, and when E broke up a pin, he took a Magic Killer, which left Kofi with no one to tag on his own team when he finally created some separation.

The ability to tag yourself in from another teammate was a huge factor from there, and straight through to the ending. After an amazing sequence where the Swiss Superman leveled EVERYONE, ALL around the ring area, Kofi tagged himself to hit Sheamus with Trouble in Paradise and earn the pin.

New Day will be celebrating all throughout the show, and probably straight through to midnight on Wednesday, when their reign will 479 days.

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