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WWE Raw ratings (Nov. 28, 2016): Viewers stick around for Women’s main event

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Very interesting numbers from this week’s Raw... not that WWE will complain.

The fallout show from Survivor Series, with Goldberg addressing his shocking defeat of Brock Lesnar, helped the company break three million viewers last week. Seven days later, on a show for which neither of those part-timers was advertised, Raw held that audience and even grew it a bit.

What’s more, not only did they exceed the Nov. 21 audience size (3,002,000) with 3,110,000 viewers, they demonstrated some really impressive hour-to-hour holds. The audience decreased as the show wore on, as usual, but not by a lot. And on a night that culminated in a Women’s title main event which was announced mid-show, that’s pretty exciting.

Hour one: 3.163 million
Hour two: 3.130 million
Hour three: 3.039 million

Raw was fourth overall among cable shows, and fifth among 18 - 49 year olds. Both demographics were led by a Monday Night Football game which drew an audience of 13 million on ESPN.

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