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Charlotte praises Sasha Banks, says she wants her title back

The recently deposed Raw Women’s champion got on Twitter last night to comment on losing the title to Sasha Banks for a third time on the Nov. 28th broadcast of WWE’s flagship program. Her message probably isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about their feud or the state of the women’s division on Monday nights.

It’s a ‘reality’ era Tweet - she doesn’t break character to go full babyface, but there’s more of the mutual respect we’ve seen on-and-off from the Four Horsewomen of NXT over the years. It definitely reinforces the notion that she and the Boss are legendary rivals, which has been seen as being detrimental to the other ladies on the Raw brand.

Then there’s that it 100% points to a rematch we all knew was coming, but which is causing a lot of unrest among fans - at least on the internet...

No word on when their next title fight will be, or what kind of stipulation will be added to build off a Hell in a Cell and Falls Count Anywhere matches.

But it’s definitely coming, Cagesiders.

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