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New Day’s march to 478 continues as Xavier Woods pins Karl Anderson (with two handfuls of tights)

The story of tag team wrestling on Raw (and really, WWE) has been all about the New Day for more than a year now. After their latest successful-if-corner-cutting title defense last week against Cesaro & Sheamus, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E remained focus on Demolition’s record for longest championship run in WWE pairs history... 478 days.

(Woods said it was 17 days, and Wikipedia says it’s 14, so somebody better get a definitive answer.)

To have a chance at the record, however, the trio of positivity would need to once again defeat Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. The Club-mates defeated Golden Truth last week for another shot at the Raw belts... a deal they haven’t been able to close in the past. Anderson & Gallows have gotten back to their more serious roots since those previous title shots. Would it make a difference?

The all-business approach started out well. Before the first break E was out on the floor and Woods had barely survived a pinfall. As always, the third man (in this case Kofi) was available to run interference and keep New Day’s shot at the record alive.

And that wouldn’t be the end of the champs’ borderline heel-ish ways. The trio may be selling cereal to kids, but they’ve been acting more and more like villains on Raw. And that continued tonight when Woods’ pinned Anderson with the help of a handful of tights.

Michael Cole mentioned that Mick Foley & Stephanie McMahon want New Day to earn the record, so they’re booking them in weekly title matches.

Who will it be next week? And what will X, E & double-K do to keep their dream alive?

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