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Raw’s women’s roster is ready for Sasha Banks & Charlotte’s feud to be over, too

It’s been running, in one form or another, since NXT in 2015, but Raw General Manager Mick Foley isn’t ready to let the Sasha Banks/Charlotte Flair go just yet.

When their latest title match ended on the Nov. 28 episode in a double countout, Foley used his authority to order the match be restarted as a no disqualification affair later in the show.

That announcement was met with more than a little bit of snark from a couple women who haven’t been able to get screen time on Monday nights since the brand split...

Emma, or Emmalina, will presumably be a heel, so her Tweet can be seen as in-character. Summer is out with an injury - and was discounted as an in-ring performer by Mick during a publicized DM exchange with a fan - so it’s easier to imagine she’s just as frustrated as the average fan that the red brand’s essentially had one women’s feud for most of the year.

Will Emma, Summer and the folks hoping for a fresh performer in the Women’s title scene get what they want later tonight?

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