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Sasha Banks regains the Women’s title by submitting Charlotte Flair in a Falls Count Anywhere main event on Raw

The last two times Charlotte Flair defended her Raw Women’s title against Sasha Banks on a Monday night, The Boss left the arena with the belt. Would history repeat itself when the long-feuding pair faced off in North Carolina tonight (Nov. 28)?

Charlotte was feeling confident. She’d been talking this up as the moment she’d cement her legacy. Dana Brooke was planning the celebration for her mentor before the match even started.

Banks used that confidence against her early. The Boss looked to follow Goldberg’s game plan by taking the action right to the champ, hitting her with a Banks Statement moments into the match. When Brooke looked to get involved, Sasha sent her flying into the steel steps.

Unfortunately for Banks, the action stayed on the floor as Charlotte threw her over the barricade. The referee counted both women out, and her champion’s advantage meant the Queen retained her crowd. But, NOT SO FAST said Raw General Manager Mick Foley!

Bayley gave her friend/rival Sasha a pep talk, but the Boss neither needed nor wanted it. What she did want was to honor Ric Flair in his hometown - and get her title back, and to earn it, she’d have to win a main event, Falls Count Anywhere match.

When the bell rang for a second time, the action went back to the floor early and often. A big double-clothesline spot sent us to a commercial, and when we returned, Charlotte was in full control.

No Sasha match would be complete with a spot or two where fans gasped and worried about her health, and tonight it was a big bump off the apron where Banks seemed to hit her head on the way down. Charlotte took too long to cover (while John Cone checked on the Boss), and she kicked out of that - and a Natural Selection on the floor.

Things got a little extreme after that, as Banks made use of the no disqualification aspects of the stipulation to attack with a kendo stick. Flair took a beating, but fought through to hit a big neckbreaker on the mats surrounding the ring. She segued into a Figure Eight leglock, but Sasha fought her way out by using the remnants of the martial arts weapon she’d wielded moments before.

Determined to top their previous matches, the women battled up the ramp... culminating in one of Charlotte’s patented moonsaults from the elevated announce desk to the ground. Sasha somehow kicked out at two, and the action worked its way back down the ring area.

There, the Boss got her own “Holy $#!+” moment when she launched herself from the barricade to deliver a cranium rattling double knee takedown.

But Flair kicked out. Banks got in a few more licks with the kendo stick, and the fight spilled out into the stands.

It was there that the Boss locked in a Banks Statement through the railing. And it turns out she’s just as undefeatable on Raw as the Queen is on PPV.

Post-match, the Nature Boy came out to celebrate with his daughter’s greatest nemesis, and Raw’s women had made history once again.

Will this looong feud continue? Should it? Those points can and no doubt will be debated in the days to come. But whether you like how we got here, or where we’re going, Banks and Flair delivered again in a program which has been a game-changer... even if almost everyone has been sick of it at one point or another.

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