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Mick Foley keeps Raw angles going on Twitter

The first notable thing here is, looks like Mick Foley’s Twitter break is over.

Actually, looks like the Raw General Manager has been back for a while, so the real “news” item is he’s using his social media account to keep a couple angles from last Monday (Nov. 21)’s Raw alive by publicizing his kayfabe GM business.

First up, he’s got a pre-show meeting with Sami Zayn. The Likeable One was booked into a one-sided match with Braun Strowman by Stephanie McMahon as punishment for being cheated out of the Intercontinental title by SmackDown’s Miz & Maryse at Survivor Series. Foley threw in the towel for Zayn:

He’s also working with Commissioner Steph to solve his Chris Jericho problem. Mick banned the List-maker from ringside during his best friend’s no disqualification Universal title match with Seth Rollins, but Jericho donned a disguise to attack Rollins from the audience (and eliminated any chance of using the technicality “I wasn’t at ringside” from his alibi by attempting an axe handle from the barricade after he was unmasked).

You can tell Foley is serious about dealing with Y2J, because he’s EMAILING!

Do the Hardcore Legend’s business dealings get you more excited for tonight’s show?

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