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Chris Jericho says the mask he wore on Raw was ‘a sign of respect’ to Sin Cara and ‘a F you to the internet community’

WWE on YouTube

Most WWE fans saw Chris Jericho’s wearing a Sin Cara mask during the main event of this week’s Raw as Y2J’s way of poking fun at the luchador and the alleged confrontation the two had on a bus in the U.K. a couple weeks back.

Not so, says the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla.

Jericho slammed a Twitter user who claimed he was “trolling” Sin Cara by wearing the mask to disguise himself as he aided his best friend, Universal champ Kevin Owens, by ambusing Seth Rollins:

And on the latest episode of his podcast, Talk is Jericho, he briefly discussed the mask, saying:

...a great finish to the Owens/Rollins mask with the Sin Cara mask, which was a F you to the internet community that knows everything but doesn’t know shit.

Sin Cara’s a great guy, he’s a good friend of mine and he actually lent me that mask, so thanks to Sin Cara for lending me his mask...

So there you have it, stupid idiots.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this week, it’s that we as fans with internet access shouldn’t tell wrestlers what we think is or isn’t a rib... unless we want to be insulted by said wrestlers, in which case, have at it.

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