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Chris Jericho mocked his bus fight with Sin Cara on Raw, and his fellow wrestlers loved it

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While WWE was on their last tour of the United Kingdom, there was a dust-up on the tour bus which led to, among other things, a physical confrontation between Chris Jericho and Jorge Arias, the man who currently performs as Sin Cara. Numerous people with connection to folks backstage have downplayed the severity of the incident, but that hasn’t stopped reports that the luchador’s been punished in numerous ways since the fight in early November - including being forced to travel and change apart from the rest of the roster and being sent to anger management treatment.

What does that have to do with the main event of Raw on Nov. 21? Despite my missing it completely while writing up the results (my man Kyle Decker caught in his recap of the whole show, so don’t hold it against Cageside)... the disguise Jericho wore while ambushing Seth Rollins from the crowd did in fact include a Sin Cara mask...

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And lest we think this is just a coincidence (I doubt there are extra Kalisto masks backstage on Mondays, and who knows if Lince Dorado was even travelling with the main roster this week), Jericho’s friends and fellow wrestlers chimed in on Twitter and pretty much confirmed intent:

Including at least one who might have been on the bus when everyone wanted Sin Cara to stop making “annoying noises” before Y2J stepped to him:

Oh, that Jericho. Guffaw, indeed.