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Being barred from ringside doesn’t stop Chris Jericho from helping Kevin Owens keep the Universal title by beating Seth Rollins on Raw

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General Manager Mick Foley booked the Nov. 21 Raw’s main event following a brilliant tease that Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens might break-up on “The Highlight Reel”.

Once it became clear the Universal champ and his best friend were as tight as ever, they brawled with Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins. As Rollins was owed a favor from management for agreeing to join the men’s Survivor Series team, Foley gave Seth a title shot tonight. And he made it no DQ, barring Reigns and Jericho from ringside!

“No disqualifications” largely meant “chairs match”, and the Architect and the Prizefighter used steel liberally throughout - but they mixed in a couple tables, too.

A table was central to a late spot, when Rollins carried the weary champion across the ring to powerbomb him through a table propped up in the corner.

KO managed to kick out at 2.99999, and proceeded to try to exit the arena. That only drove Seth to greater lengths, including a crossbody dive from the stands!

Taking the action away from the ring area gave JeriKO a bit of a loop hole, however. And when Rollins and the champ battled back to the barricade, the challenger was attacked by a luchador in a Japanese SmackDown hoodie. The former Shield member managed to unmask his attacker, and it was none other than Y2J.

Jericho took a Pedigree for his trouble, and probably stripped Owens of his “barred from ringside” loophole by jumping off the wall to attack Rollins, but provided enough of a distraction for the champ to regroup and finish Seth with an apron powerbomb.

No title change in Toronto, but real questions about how the GM will deal with the best friends. And how do we get to the reported Reigns vs. Owens title vs. title match that is supposed to happen at Roadblock?