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Cesaro & Sheamus come up short again after New Day cheats to keep their tag titles on Raw

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Thanks to their role in winning the traditional Survival Series tag team elimination match in Toronto last night (Nov. 20), Mick Foley’s pet project Cesaro & Sheamus got another chance to take the tag belts from New Day at Raw in Ontario’s biggest city tonight.

Unfortunately for the Celtic Warrior & the Swiss Superman, this chance wasn’t too much different from the last time. In that outing, Kofi Kingston triggered a championship saving disqualification when he hit Trouble in Paradise despite not being the legal man.

Tonight, Xavier Woods distracted the referee with a trombone solo while Kingston tapped out to Cesaro’s sharpshooter. Once the official was paying attention to the action in the ring once again, Kofi rolled up his opponent for the pin.

New Day’s epic reign will continue at 457 days and counting, while Sheamus, Cesaro and the rest of Raw’s tag team division has to be wondering if there’s anything they can do to stop them... at least until they break the record the powers-that-be are so set on them breaking - Demolition’s 478 day run from 1988 - 89.

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