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Chris Jericho is on such a roll he almost got Kevin Owens & Mick Foley to break character and laugh on WWE Raw

A lot of people aren’t digging Raw these days. I get that, and even agree with many of the criticisms. The topic du jour also seems to be whether we should or shouldn’t keep watching, or what it means if we do. If that’s your cup of tea, have at it.

One thing I’m watching for these days is some of the most entertaining work Chris Jericho has done in his long sports entertainment career.

Now, you can wonder if it’s a problem WWE has a soon-to-be 46 year old in the middle of the main event scene, or what his getting stuff over with ease while many struggle to even be noticed says about the rest of the roster. If pondering those things is an intellectually satisfying exercise for you (as it is for me from time-to-time), go for it.

Right now, though? I’m going to be DRINKING IT IN, man.

On the Halloween episode of Raw, pretty much everything Jericho did tickled me. His work in the 9PM Eastern talking segment with Kevin Owens, Mick Foley and Roman Reigns was, to borrow a (catch)phrase from Broken Matt Hardy... DELIGHTFUL!

And I wasn’t alone. When he responded to Foley’s claim that JeriKO’s actions at Hell in a Cell were disgraceful by suggesting Mick was jealous he’d twirled the “Key of Jericho” and telling everyone to “LOCK IT IN, MAN”, Owens and the General Manager took different tacks to stifle the giggles (GIFs via p1styles on tumblr)...

Seriously, Owens reaction is everything.

And though I can’t find any shots to find out if he cracked up the other men in the ring with him, Jericho’s face when Reigns delivers the “burn” about how his plans to dress as a stupid idiot for the holiday were foiled by stores being out of Y2J costumes is just as good...

Props to the much-maligned production team for the pan on that last shot, too.

Look, in these divisive times, we need all the common ground we can find.

So let’s table the debate on what to do about Monday nights, and just laugh at a talented guy having fun and popping his friends.

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