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Goldberg’s first action of his WWE comeback results in Paul Heyman heading to a local medical facility in an ambulance

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WWE opened the Oc. 31 edition of Raw with the second appearance of Goldberg’s return to the company. But he didn’t have a chance to follow up on his stirring promo from two weeks ago in Denver, because he was quickly interrupted by the advocate for his opponent at Survivor Series.

Paul Heyman came out to explain how Brock Lesnar was “pissed off” by crowds chanting for the WCW legend. He entered the ring because he was pretty sure Goldberg wouldn’t harm a harmless man - which proved to be a pretty bad assumption - and trolled Bill and the Hartford crowd by saying his client was in the arena and coming out for a confrontation.

That wasn’t true, but we did get Rusev. The former United States champion made fun of Goldberg’s “two moves” and questioned both the 49 year olds ability to pull them off, and his heart.

Well, Bill wasn’t having it, so he hit RuRu with one of his moves, and then Heyman with the other...

This wasn’t great. Michael Cole tries to cover for Goldberg’s mishap in the clinch, but while it wasn’t as bad as Shane McMahon’s phantom punches, nothing which happened here helped convince doubters the match with Lesnar on Nov. 20 is gonna be a classic. The jackhammer looked okay, and Heyman sold a soft spear with what little room he had, but...

Don’t worry! WWE will make up for it with an ambulance job for the advocate!

We’ll keep you posted with updates on Heyman’s condition as they come in from the “local medical facility”.

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