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Paul Heyman owns up to ‘bad night’ promoting Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg on Oct. 24 Raw

Vince McMahon reportedly “blew a gasket”, and WWE had to re-work plans to officially book Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg via their website instead of on Monday Night Raw.

Oct. 24th was not Paul Heyman’s best night.

You can argue how much blame (if any) for the bizarre scene, where WWE seemed to hope a crowd full of Minnesotans would cheer for the rival of local legend Lesnar, should be laid at Heyman’s feet. But in self-deprecatingly using it to promote an ESPN feature on his promo skills, the Advocate took ownership of what was one of the least successful segments in recent WWE history:

And in answering someone responding to his initial Tweet with a compliment, Heyman offered some good advice for any performer... or in any other walk of life:

What a pro.

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