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Kevin Nash: Raw segment with Brock in Minneapolis an example of ‘Welcome back WCW guy 101’

Nobody liked how the Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar segment on Raw last night (Oct. 24) turned out -least of all, apparently, Vince McMahon.

One WWE Hall of Famer didn’t just see it as the Chairman being out of touch, however.

A lot of folks have commented that the powers-that-be would have to be delusional to think Lesnar would get booed, or even that his opponent would be cheered, in the city from which Brock is billed. Kevin Nash, on the other hand, seems to think it’s part of a long pattern of McMahon punishing/ribbing guys from his Attitude Era competitor, WCW.

There aren’t many guys more associated with Ted Turner’s old company than Goldberg. The other high profile “WCW guy” to work for Vince lately would be Sting, and you can find plenty of people who thought he was figuratively “castrated” in his brief 2014-15 WWE run.

Either way, this is not a good look for Vince. You can side with Big Sexy and claim he’s still carrying a grudge for a war he won a long time ago, or you’ve got another piece of evidence supporting the idea he’s out of touch and bad at reading his audience.

Which is it, Cagesiders?

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