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Why Are You Still Watching RAW?

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I think it’s time you and I had an honest conversation.

Monday Night RAW is probably killing your wrestling fandom.

I see you rolling your eyes at me, Cagesider. But trust me on this. It’s killing it on some level. I’ve seen the reactions on Twitter, Facebook, this site, and many others around the Internet. It’s practically the same every Tuesday morning: the feeling of regret, disappointment, dread, and/or disgust that we spent three hours of our lives watching what is quite frankly a soul-sucking television show.

This is nothing new. This has been the default reaction not just for a few weeks or a few months, but years. Sure you have a few standout shows in recent memory, but that’s the problem: they’re few and far between. Would you keep watching a show from another genre that isn’t entertaining you to the degree you expect? Or play a game? Or watch a movie? Or listen to an album? Probably not.

Now if none of what I said above applies to you, feel free to ignore it. But I do ask this one question to you, the Cagesiders: why are you still watching RAW? Is it out of habit? Is it the hope that you’ll see something good? Is it something else? I’m honestly curious. And maybe your fellow Cagesiders are too.

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