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Raw announces main event, multiple segments in advance for Hell in a Cell ‘go home’

Selling pay-per-view (PPV) events with television programs which amp up the suspense and drama of conflicts will be resolved at the bigger shows is kind of a lost art. For WWE, it’s debateable whether the concept - known in wrestling lingo as the ‘go home’ show - even applies anymore in a world where their main product is the $9.99 per month streaming Network.

For whatever reason, ‘go home’ shows haven’t been a particular strength of the ‘E for the past several years. Perhaps seeking to reverse that trend, or at least help ratings by building interest for the last Raw before Oct. 30’s Hell in a Cell PPV, WWE has announced major matches and angles for that show a week in advance.

Of course, Brock Lesnar will be there to respond (or jog in place while Paul Heyman responds) to Goldberg’s acceptance of his challenge - but that’s more about building to Survivor Series.

On the HiaC front, we’ll be getting a non-title preview for the tag team championship match which will occur in Boston. Expect this to ratchet up the tension between the challengers, Sheamus & Cesaro, more than anything else.

Mick Foley & Stephanie McMahon will also be moving along the Universal championship story with a main event which also play up issues between recent partners - in this case ‘best friends’ Chris Jericho and titleholder Kevin Owens. Doesn’t make a lot of sense considering Steph told JeriKO early on last night (Oct. 17) she needed them on the same page, and giving them a reason to fight one another would seem to help her nemesis Seth Rollins, but...

Does knowing about these three matches/segments a week in advance make you more likely to tune in next Monday? Will Raw in Minneapolis be the rare great 2016 ‘go home’ show?

Let us know what you think, gang.

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