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Paul Heyman & Emma are reportedly backstage at Raw in Denver

WWE on YouTube

Whether or not this means they’ll actually appear during the three hour Raw broadcast on USA Network tonight is unclear. The track record of these backstage sightings reports is 50/50, at best.

Both of these would make sense in the context of WWE’s ongoing Monday night narratives. PWInsider reports that Paul Heyman and Emma are backstage in Denver ahead of the Oct. 17 show.

Earlier stories indicated Heyman would not be there. It looked like were not only keeping Brock Lesnar away from the man he’s all-but-officially facing at Survivor Series, but perhaps his advocate, as well. Today’s post might mean they’ve decided to include a war of words in Goldberg’s first WWE appearance in 12 years.

Backstage appearances by the Australian wrestler have been going on for about a month, and Emma says she’s been cleared for longer than that. We’ve now been treated to a couple weeks worth of teasers promoting her Raw re-debut as “Emmalina”, so showing up in Colorado would make sense.

Unless she’s headed to SmackDown.

Meanwhile, Mark Henry is teasing an appearance on Twitter. Braun Strowman’s next victim? The guy with whom Goldberg potentially gets physical?

Tune in tonight at 8PM Eastern and we’ll all find out together!

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