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Kalisto wins United States championship from Alberto Del Rio on WWE Raw

WWE on Twitter

After taking credit for John Cena's shoulder injury, a confident Alberto Del Rio was set to take on Kalisto. The United States champion promised to "squash" him like a "mosquito" (his words).

The Mexican Aristocrat shouldn't have taken the dimunitve luchador so lightly, however. After getting a win over ADR last Thursday, the former NXT tag champ was feeling confident. And the longer he lasted in tonight's match, the more Kalisto believed it could be his night.

Fighting from underneath after an assault on the floor sent the match - given a nice time slot at the top of the third hour of Raw, while the College Football championship game was at half - Kalisto got the crowd on his side, as well. The New Orleans audience and the millions watching Raw from home were squarely with him when he countered Del Rio's counter to the Salida Del Sol to roll up Alberto for a shocking title win!

Congrats to Kalisto on his first singles title in WWE!

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