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Seth Rollins becomes the lastest Shield member to have a scary fan incident occur at a WWE show (video)

Maybe it was the whole "entrance through the crowd" thing that makes fans want to reach out and touch the former members of The Shield?

In all seriousness, thank goodness Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and now Seth Rollins haven't been hurt in their interactions with overzealous members of the WWE Universe in the past month or so. Last night at Raw in Baltimore, Maryland, a fan jumped the barricade during the WWE champ's ring entrance.

As you can see in the Vine below, the guy just walked down the ramp beside Rollins before security presumably grabbed him and escorted him away. But you can tell by his reaction in the ring that it obviously concerned John Cena, and following Reigns being hit in the head with a prop briefcase and Dean getting rushed from behind by another barricade-jumper (not to mention the alleged stalking incident at The Performance Center last week), company officials and talent have to be on high alert.

Wishing continued safety for the men and women busting their asses for our enjoyment, and that our fellow fans would stick to cheering or booing from their seats.

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