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WWE Raw results, live blog (Sept. 28, 2015): Highway to Hell (in a Cell)

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 28, 2015) from the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in Los Angeles, California.

Advertised for tonight: Kane and Seth Rollins continue their issue, the possible return of the US title open challenge, and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Let's do this.


WWE Signature and a recap of last week's introduction of split-personality Kane.


John Cena comes to the ring. That's right, BAYBAY, THE US TITLE OPEN CHALLENGE IS BACK!!!

Cena proclaims that the champ is here, and the US Title will be defended tonight.

Cena issues his challenge: Tonight's victim(s): The New Day!!!

Xavier Woods proclaims that the tag team champions are here. Big E says that the New Day is here and hypes the upcoming MSG tag team title match against those damn Dudley Boyz.

The New Day also makes a new slogan for Cena: Hustle, Loyalty, and BOOOOOTY!!!

Kofi Kingston gets a brilliant idea: The New Day being tag champs AND United States champs AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!. We should start calling New Day Scrooge McDuck because they'll be swimming in gold.

Cena gets serious and tells New Day to pick one person to face Cena. If New Day doesn't get serious, Cena will just kick all their asses.

The New Day huddles, and Xavier Woods is volunteered as tribute.


John Cena vs Xavier Woods (United States Championship)

At the beginning of the match, Big E and Kofi Kingston get themselves ejected.

This was a decent enough match that saw a DQ ending due to Big E and Kofi interfering during a STF on Woods.

John Cena def Xavier Woods by DQ

As New Day beats on Cena, The Dudley Boyz come out to make the save. You can guess where this is going...


John Cena and The Dudley Boyz vs The New Day

Yep...Teddy Long still books these shows.

As you would expect, this was a fairly entertaining tag match with Cena taking most of the abuse and D-Von Dudley getting the hot tag. In the end, The New Day gets the victory when Xavier Woods interferes during a 3D attempt, allowing Kofi to hit Trouble in Paradise on D-Von.

The New Day def John Cena and The Dudley Boyz


Backstage, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and some HR person are chatting about Kane when Kane enters. Steph discusses the importance of HR as it relates to WWE before revealing that someone filed a complaint on Kane due to creating an unsafe working environment.

At this moment, Seth Rollins comes in and calls the situation unfortunate, saying that the anonymous person was too weak to admit who they really were (hint hint).

At the end, Kane gets in Rollins' face and reminds him that he's the man before skipping away excitedly with Ashley the HR person.


Backstage, Dean Ambrose is trying to talk Roman Reigns out of walking to his match with Bray Wyatt alone, saying that The Wyatts probably have a trick up their sleeve. Reigns doesn't care what's being planned; Wyatt is gonna get what's his tonight. If any shenanigans go down, Dean Ambrose will come out swinging. Reigns responds that Ambrose should call out Randy Orton for help should he need it

Ambrose starts to address additional outside interference when Orton comes in. A little debate about outside interference starts until Reigns stops it, saying that Ambrose and Orton can't handle The Wyatts alone.


Mark Henry vs Big Show

This happened. Show KO'd Henry to win.

Big Show def Mark Henry


The Miz is in the ring and welcomes us to MizTV.

Miz addresses the tensions between the women before replaying a clip of Paige owning the world on last week's Raw.

Miz talks about the crumbling of Team PCB before hyping Total Divas because of course. He then introduces Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Miz welcomes Becky and Charlotte before Becky wins by calling Miz a "sexist, chauvinistic jackass." Becky is life.

The topic turns to Paige's little pipebomb, and Charlotte gives Paige two options: come to the ring and talk face to face, or come to the ring and throw down.

Miz tries to interrupt again, but Becky takes his mic, studies it for a moment, and hurls it up the ramp.

They try to continue their chat when Team Bella interrupts. Nikki Bella thanks Charlotte and Becky for making Team Bella stronger than ever. After knocking Charlotte, Nikki says that she'll regain her Divas Title.

Charlotte says that this isn't about Nikki, but Charlotte invites her inside so she can make Nikki tap out again. Nikki hangs outside and says that this IS all about her since Charlotte has what she wants.

Nikki then tries to credit the Divas Revolution to herself. Charlotte passionately corrects Nikki, saying that the Diva Revolution was really started by the fans believing in the women. This gets the crowd riled up a bit in a good way.

Alicia Fox establishes a simple math rule (3 is greater than 2), and Becky absolutely OWNS her for it. The five women square off when Paige interrupts.

Paige credits her wins in NXT for starting the Revolution, and Nikki tries to fight back and gets owned.

A brawl ensues in the ring with PCB standing tall. We cut to commercial. Wonder where this is going...


Team PCB vs Team Bella

This was a pretty solid tag match that entertainingly say Paige get more and more annoyed with her teammates until she got knocked out of the ring by Charlotte, who was just kicked off of a Figure Eight attempt. Paige walks out despite Natalya's pleas to go back. Oh, and Paige pulls Natalya off the apron when she tries to interject herself. During the chaos, Nikki hits Charlotte with the Rack Attack to win.

Team Bella def Team PCB


Backstage, Seth Rollins is talking to Ashley the HR person about Kane when Kane shows up with a suspiciously large present. Kane talks about being by Rollins' side during his rise to the top. Kane then presents Rollins with his present (prompting Rollins to do his best David Mills impersonation): the severed head from Rollins' statue. Rollins is shocked, and tells Kane that he can't take it.

Rollins leaves, and Kane makes a bad joke to Ashley before giving the head to her (apologies for phrasing in advance).


The Primetime Players vs Luke Harper and Braun Strowman

Get the bodybags now...

As you'd expect, this wasn't pretty. Although the PTP try to mount an offense, Harper and Strowman just destroy them. Strowman chokes out Titus O'Neill to win.

Luke Harper and Braun Strowman def The Primetime Players


Stardust vs Neville

This was a match that we've seen before. As Neville goes for the Red Arrow, King Barrett returns and Bullhammers everyone.

Neville def Stardust by DQ

After the match, Barrett tells us to hail the returning king.


It's performance evaluation time. Ashley the HR person and Kane are in the ring. Note the pyro shooters...

Kane starts sucking up to Ashley before asking for her report.

She starts when Seth Rollins interrupts because of course. He tells Ashley that Kane isn't who he seems to be, and presents a video of The Demon Kane.

Rollins tries to convince Ashley of Kane's deception, and pleads her to give Kane a bad review or she'll face the consequences of Kane's eventual wrath.

Rollins goes on, saying that he's going to heaven and all that (seriously, ask the pope).

Kane laughs this off, and shows a counter-video of Rollins taunting Kane throughout the months.

After this, Ashley reads her report, which states that Kane is able. Instead, Ashley drops the bomb that Rollins is the one who needs evaluated, and drops a scathing review of him.

Rollins is pissed, calling this report a "travesty of justice" before blaming Kane for all of this. Rollins starts poking Kane with the title before dropping it. Kane eyes the title and starts to pick it up before Rollins attacks and lays him out with a Pedigree.

As Kane writhes on the canvas, Rollins gets a steel chair and starts hitting him with it repeatedly.

Rollins then places Kane's bad ankle in a chair and curb stomps it.

The ringside doctor is called, and a stretcher is brought out as Rollins taunts Kane some more.

Kane is stretchered out and loaded in an ambulance as Rollins continues taunting him.

Slight issue: the ambulance stops and fills with smoke. The door opens, and Demon Kane comes limping out. Kane stomps his foot and starts walking normally.

Rollins grabs a chair for protection as Demon Kane comes out. Rollins hits the bad ankle, but Kane is unfazed. Instead, Kane starts to attack Rollins and eventually delivers a chokeslam. The crowd wants one, and Kane calls for the Tombstone. Kane goes for it, but Rollins escapes with his life.

The title, on the other hand, is still in the ring. Kane picks it up and blows up the corners.


Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on his upcoming match with Roman Reigns. In short, Wyatt will put Reigns down alone because they are the alpha and omega.


Bo Dallas vs Randy Orton

Before the match, Dallas addresses the Buffalo Bills, who are in attendance tonight. He gets the obligatory heat by saying that their missing a Super Bowl trophy. They can get one by BOLIEVING!!!

Standard squash here. Orton got a Bills pop by back suplexing Dallas in front of them. RKO for the win.

Randy Orton def Bo Dallas


Rusev vs Kevin Owens

Ryback is on commentary for this.

Very quick match that ends when Owens throws Rusev into Ryback, sparking a brawl.

No contest due to a brawl (I guess)

Rusev and Kevin Owens work over Ryback for a bit until Dolph Ziggler comes out to make a save and superkick Rusev.


Everyone's favorite advocate, Paul Heyman, comes to the ring.

He introduces himself as the true devil's advocate because anyone who steps into the ring with his client will go straight to Hell.

And who is his client? Yes, it's Brock Lesnar.

Heyman tells us that Lesnar is going to dig his claws into Big Show, and goes to compare Big Show to that math nerd who is bored with his curriculum and gets a C+. Translation: no one has pushed Big Show to his limit.

That is until Saturday night when a certain Beast will return to the ring.

Lesnar has a message for everyone via his proxy, Heyman: Brock Lesnar will take Big Show to Suplex City, BI.

As Heyman goes on, Big Show comes out to silence (seriously, silence).

Show starts to rip on Heyman's description of him before focusing on the "motivated" line, saying that Show is motivated to be taking on Brock Lesnar.

Show tells Heyman that he should be worried because Show IS motivated, and he is the only person who can push Lesnar to his limit. Show claims that both Lesnar and Heyman are scared of him.

Show vows to defeat Lesnar at MSG, and Heyman gets bored and stomps out of the ring. Show starts taunting Heyman, telling him to think of a future without Brock Lesnar.


Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Wyatt comes out with Harper and Strowman, and Reigns is not at all happy about this. Reigns calls Wyatt a little bitch, and calls Harper and Strowman his "training wheels." After this ripping, Wyatt sends Strowman and Harper to catering for some gumbo and nutria.

This was a long and physical match that saw both men hit each other with some hard hits. They fight to a double countout.

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt fight to a double count-out

After the bell, Wyatt and Reigns keep fighting through the crowd. Eventually Wyatt used a WWE technician as a weapon against Reigns, and eventually ran Reigns through the barricade, sparking the obligatory "holy shit" and "this is awesome" chants.

As Wyatt poses to the crowd on top of the announce table, Reigns sparks up and delivers a MASSIVE spear through the announce table.

The corpses of Wyatt and Reigns are side-by-side to end this show.

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