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GIF: Jon Stewart's Ric Flair strut cements him as best WWE celebrity of all-time

Even before Seth Rollins name-dropped him on Raw and sparked a running feud between the now-WWE champ and the Emmy-winning comedian, I was a pretty huge Jon Stewart fan. Politics aside, he's one of the smartest observers of society's capacity for everything from brutality to grace since George Carlin, he's funny, and you could tell from the early appearances of Mick Foley on The Daily Show that he was one of us.

With the Raw segment where he confronted Rollins, and cut a promo that showed more knowledge of wrestling history and WWE continuity than several Tough Enough contestants combined, I became a full-blown mark for the guy.

The announcement that he would be hosting SummerSlam as his first gig since retiring from The Daily Show got a pop, but I was worried when he was quiet all week leading to the big show in Brooklyn. His work at the pay-per-view (PPV) was a mixed bag, but his speech to Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 again showed his stand-up comedy-honed gift for gab and love of pro graps.

It also perfectly played into his explanation last night that he screwed John Cena on Sunday to protect the legacy of his pick for Greatest of All-Time, Ric Flair. Stewart went on to expertly portray a dumb fan who got carried away, and accepted (and sold) his AA punishment like a champ.

But that wasn't the best thing he did in a WWE ring. And if anyone had any doubt that he's now surpassed Hugh Jackman, Donald Trump, Mr. T, Bob Barker and even fellow SummerSlam 2015 guest star Stephen Amell as the greatest WWE celebrity guest of all-time, I present his reaction to The Nature Boy's music and entrance. Being obviously thrilled is one thing, but busting out the dorkiest Flair strut with zero shame is the winning play:

See you in the Hall of Fame, Stewart.

GIF courtesy of the essential, wonderful Wrestling With Text.

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