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Jon Stewart: Super Smark gets his heart crushed by Ric Flair, AA-ed by John Cena

WWE's crossover superstar, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, came to Raw tonight to explain his motivation for screwing John Cena out of a victory over WWE champ Seth Rollins.

That explanation is that Jon Stewart is a smark. Or at least an old school wrestling fan who couldn't stand to see Ric Flair's record of 16 (WWE recognized) World Championships tied by Cena.

The Nature Boy strutted out to the ring to discuss this with the host of SummerSlam (and J-Stew responded by marking out, even doing his own version of Flair's signature strut). And while Ric was flattered by Stewart calling him the greatest of all time, The Dirtiest Player in the Game reiterated that he would be proud to have Cena tie or even break his record.

Cena was out next, and he was PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED.

After a slightly awkward exchange where Jokin' Jern tried to convince us that Raw "isn't a comedy show", business picked up when the former U.S. Champion, furious that Stewart had put both the red, white & blue and the WWE titles in the hands of Rollins and The Authority (something the Emmy winner was clear was not his plan, but an unfortunate side effect of keeping Flair's record intact), hit him with an AA.

The 15 and 16 time champs shook hands, and Stewart - who took the move like the pro he's been throughout his work with WWE all year - was helped up and out of the ring.

How do you feel about the Brooklyn screwjob now that we have a quick explanation and resolution, Cagesiders?

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