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Who is the new Wyatt Family member?

Mick Foley on Twitter

We were well on our way to another win for the team of Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose in their contractually obligated SummerSlam rematch with Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper.

But when Roman went through his orgasmic Spear warm-up, the lights went out and a distinctive Wyatt Family black-and-white creepy imagery static thing happened. When the lights came back up, it was not the Dean Ambrose heel turn many had been expecting for WWE's stay in Brooklyn.

Instead, it was this...

That would be Braun Stowman, a former professional strongman who's been signed with WWE for a little more than two years. He's been a part of various backstage segments on NXT, and worked there and on the main roster as one of Adam Rose's Rosebud entourage.

Obviously, this gimmick will be a little different from a partying Roman sentry. We think.

No word on what his name is yet, or how Bray will cryptically explain his backstory, or what this means for Erick Rowan. But presumably Ambriegns are staying together, and continuing the long running family feud with Bray and his boys.

Follow the buzzards.

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