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Dolph Ziggler returns on WWE Raw, will battle Rusev at SummerSlam

UPDATE: About an hour after the segment descibed below, WWE announced that Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler has been added to the Brooklyn show that will air on pay-per-view (PPV) and WWE Network this weekend.

In a return so big it's been a spoiler for two weeks running, Dolph Ziggler ran in on Raw tonight (August 17, 2015) to confront Rusev and re-ignite a program that's continued as Summer Rae vs. Lana since The Bulgarian Brute kayfabe injured Ziggler last month so he could film a WWE Studios movie.

After his latest squashing of Mark Henry, Rusev and Summer were walking up the ramp when Lana left her position as guest commentator and hit the ring to call the woman who put her in an Accolade last Monday. Their heels came off, and The Ravishing Russian slapped her replacement to the mat.

The Super Athlete stepped menacingly toward his former manager, who couldn't stop smiling...telegraphing The Show Off's entrance music and his scamper into the ring. Wearing the latest in retro denim style and sporting skin that is approaching Hulkamania levels of over-exposure to self-tanning creams & UV light. Dolph hit his nemesis with a DDT and was about to go for a super-kick when Rusev used Summer as a human shield. Lana showed off some kick to clear RaeRae out of the way, and Ziggler finished the job.

Our reunited love birds (who in all fairness both got HUGE pops from the Minneapolis crowd) sealed his comeback with a kiss.

No word on if or how this feud will be represented at SummerSlam this weekend, but with four hours-plus to fill, you can probably expect it to land somewhere on the card.

Excited for Dolph's return, Cagesiders?

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