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Check out this epic fan trailer for Stardust's showdown with Arrow on Raw tonight (video)

WWE has leaned pretty heavily on web-exclusive Stardust interviews and dueling Tweets between Cody Rhodes' alter ego and the star of Arrow to promote the feud between Stephen Amell and The Prince of Dark Matter.

Even promotion for tonight's guest spot by the lead actor on the hit CW drama has mostly been "The Green Arrow will be here!"

Lucky for us, it's the 21st century and an enterprising freelance compositing artist with a YouTube channel can deliver the goods like this dope trailer for tonight from LeeTV1979.

The logo alone gets me more excited for tonight's showdown between WWE's identity-confused super-villain & the Canadian wrestling fan and actor than anything since the slick, comics-inspired graphics for Stardust's match with Neville a few SmackDowns back.

Please don't make him take this down, WWE and The CW. In fact, somebody from Stamford get on the horn and make sure we see this on USA Network tonight.

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