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Injury (angle) updates for J&J Security, Dolph Ziggler after Raw

Last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago featured multiple wrestlers suffering injuries, all of which were a part of storylines. First, J&J Security ran into the behemoth that is Brock Lesnar and went down with ailments that one would think would keep them out for a while.

Noble, who was trapped in Lesnar's Kimura Lock, suffered a broken arm, while Mercury, who was suplexed on top of J&J's customized Cadillac, only suffered mild contusions as a result of the attack.

The Cadillac, by the way, is completely done for. Sadly, there was no sale of it before it was taken away.

Elsewhere, Dolph Ziggler suffered a throat injury after an attack at the hands -- and crutch -- of Rusev (via

Dolph Ziggler was rushed to a nearby medical facility after an attack by Rusev on Raw, has learned. The Bulgarian Brute slammed a crutch across Ziggler's throat, causing trainers to tend to The Showoff and take him out of the arena on a stretcher after the vicious assault.

Ziggler is unlikely to miss any TV time.

Come to think of it, if we know WWE, it's entirely possible J&J Security don't either.

Update: Nope.

Update twoWWE posted a short time ago that both Noble and Mercury will be out indefinitely:

In addition to suffering a fracture in his arm from Brock Lesnar's Kimura Lock, Jamie Noble also required 12 stitches in his back after being cut from windshield glass, all while still healing from his previously broken ribs. can also confirm that Joey Mercury suffered a bruised spleen and re-aggravated a prior, serious neck injury, all as a result of Lesnar's suplex on the hood of the car. Both members of J&J Security will be out of action indefinitely.

Update threeYet another update has come in and Ziggler is out indefinitely too:

Further evaluation by medical staff revealed that Ziggler is suffering from a severely bruised trachea. He was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon after being monitored overnight to make sure his windpipe didn't close. He is having issues talking and swallowing and will be out indefinitely, has learned.

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