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J & J Security Cadillac destroyed by Brock Lesnar on WWE Raw is, sadly, no longer for sale

Jaime Noble and Joey Mercury may currently be seeking kayfabe medical treatment for their storyline injuries, but that didn't stop Jaime from trying to sell the Cadillac that Brock Lesnar destroyed on WWE Raw last night (July 6, 2015).

Okay, the since-deleted Craigslist posting wasn't really from Jaime Noble. But that only makes it slightly less wonderful. Though the original has been taken down, thanks to folks like geeky-tomboychick on tumblr, we know what the listing said:

Looking to sell my VERY slightly used 2015 Cadillac CTS. Last Monday, my boss surprised me with it as a reward for all my hard work and loyalty to him, but unfortunately one of my boss' competitors and I got in a bit of a scuffle and now I need to sell the car to pay for my broken arm.

The only damage on the car is from a result from our little "fight" but the rest is like brand new. There is additional camo on the sides, and the car is cherry red.

If you want more pictures, please email me and either I, or my partner Joey M. will get back to you. These are all that I have on hand at the moment. We're both in the hospital right now and don't have 100% access to all of our road trip pictures.

That posting may be gone, but thanks to WWE's social media team, we can watch Lesnar's handiwork over and over again forever:

Meanwhile, has the latest on J & J's health:

Both Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury suffered injuries at the hands of Brock Lesnar during The Beast's attack of the security twosome on Raw.

Noble, who was trapped in Lesnar's Kimura Lock, suffered a broken arm, while Mercury, who was suplexed on top of J&J's customized Cadillac, only suffered mild contusions as a result of the attack.

Get well soon, guys. Hope your boss replaces that Caddy for you.

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