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If you think John Cena put over Cesaro on WWE Raw, wait till you see what he did after the show

For the second week in a row, United States champion John Cena and Cesaro tore the house down on WWE Raw.

After last week's performance, cynics like me depressingly joked that it would be time for the Swiss Superman to shuffle back off into mid-card hell. After last night's thirty-plus minute main event, everyone could see that something had shifted for Cesaro.

This was more than just a way to delay the next showdown between Cena and Kevin Owens. It was more than a one-off, open challenge rub from the Face That Runs The Place.

Any doubt that remains is really hard to hang on to after watching this fan-shot, post-Raw video of the champ singing his opponent's praises ... and listening to the Chicago crowd's reaction:

What you can do in this ring is simply amazing. And for years, you have been fighting but you just haven't received the right opportunity. That is why so very badly, I hold this with so much passion. Because for two weeks straight, even with the Beast destroying a Cadillac, the word on everyone's lips is Cesaro.

I don't know when your next opportunity is, but I'm telling you man-to-man, you've made the absolute most out of the last two.

There's more on either side of those words ... the usual stuff that the "Let's Go Cena!" crowd loves and at which the "Cena Sucks" folks roll their eyes.

But that's a HUGE rub that Cena both didn't have to give, and that the powers-that-be could have squashed (or kept from making the rounds of the internet wrestling community in video form), if WWE wasn't as impressed with Cesaro's work the last couple of weeks as we were.

Is the main event push many of us have been hoping for since his own U.S. title run finally happening, Cagesiders?

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