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WHAT'S THAT ON HIS FACE!?!? Pics and video of the broken nose John Cena suffered in WWE Raw main event with Seth Rollins

The main event of the July 27, 2015 WWE Raw featured a preview of one of SummerSlam's biggest matches, as John Cena put his United States championship on the line against WWE champion Seth Rollins.

It was a solid back and forth match that ended with the latest troublesome instance of Cena making one of the company's rising young stars (and Triple H guys) tap out to his sloppy STF. The finish was actually really dramatic and exciting, however, because a misplaced knee strike by Rollins lead to a bloodied up U.S. champ.

Here's the blow that did it:

And for anyone considering that it might be a work, here's a few screenshots of Cena's face after taking that knee:

That third pic is from one of the times that WWE doctors came in to check on Cena. Because he's a tough son of a gun who knows his gimmick, the U.S. champ perserved and went through with all the big spots planned for the final five-plus of the bout.

And even folks fuming at Creative's sacrifice of another former NXT champ at the altar of the 38 year old, 15-time world champ have to tip their cap to "Big Match John" for turning it up a notch when his face looked like that.

You can also see the knee at 1:05 of this video, along with highlights of the finishing sequences they worked post-nose break:

Keep it here for more details on the injury, Cena's short and long-term availablity, and inevitable rumors of heat on Rollins.

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