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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 15, 2015): Money in the Bank fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 15, 2015) from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring the fallout show from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Columbus.

Advertised for tonight: Seth Rollins is still WWE world heavyweight champion, John Cena got his win back on Kevin Owens, a certain beast may be lurking in the shadows, Sheamus is now holding a special briefcase, and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Let's make it Dusty in here...


WWE Signature and a replay of the ten-bell salute and video tribute to Dusty Rhodes.


Seth Rollins comes out to the ring and, after a commercial, introduces us to Raw, or Monday Night Rollins

Rollins starts bragging about him being the best thing about Raw and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He acknowledges Dean Ambrose and puts him over a bit. However, Rollins says that Dean Ambrose's A-game is not as good as Rollins' A-game. He beat Ambrose in one of WWE's best ladder matches.

Rollins starts turning this into an award acceptance speech by thanking a bunch of people....most notably Seth Rollins. He claims that he didn't need anyone's help to win because he's that damn good.

After trashing Cleveland a bit, Dean Ambrose comes out, and the two men start to brawl again with Ambrose clotheslining Rollins outside. Outside, Rollins starts targeting the leg again, but Ambrose keeps fighting, causing Seth Rollins to run away.

As Rollins splits, Ambrose gets a mic and a chair. He says that he's been reminded how fun it is to make Rollins' life a living hell. Ambrose takes a seat in the ring, and he ain't leaving until Rollins comes back for more.


After a commercial, we go backstage where Seth Rollins is chatting with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Trips promises a #1 contender for Rollins by the end of the night, and The Authority is making this decision "all by themselves"

Back in the ring, Ambrose is chilling in his chair when Sheamus comes out with a mic and his Money in the Bank briefcase. Sheamus says that him and Ambrose are very much alike except for the fact that Sheamus is a winner and Ambrose is a loser.

Sheamus says that he's gonna decapitate Ambrose "purely for my entertainment"


Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus

This was a very good and stiff match. Sheamus did a great job targeting Ambrose's bum knee with strikes and holds such as a stretch muffler and a Cloverleaf. However, Ambrose kept fighting and got the win with a roll-up after Randy Orton prevented Sheamus from escaping.

Dean Ambrose def Sheamus

After the match, Orton and Sheamus brawl before Sheamus high-tails it out.


Backstage, Seth Rollins is walking around when he encounters J&J Security. He says "I told you so" in regards to his promise to beat Dean Ambrose alone. Despite this, Rollins offers to bring J&J back on if they give some inside information on his contender. Jamie Noble responds with a suggestion: Joey Mercury. Rollins laughs until Mercury shuts him up, saying that the recordbooks will show that J&J Security beat Seth Rollins.

The question isn't "if?"; it's "when?"


A clip from Dusty Rhodes' 1979 NWA Championship win is shown.


King Barrett vs R-Truth

R-Truth (or King What's Up) comes out to the ring wearing a bedsheet, a Burger King crown, and carrying a royal plunger. He graces us with his presence on commentary until he is informed that he's actually in the match.

R-Truth rolls up Barrett for the quick win...and then eats a Bullhammer as Barrett freaks out.

R-Truth def King Barrett

Barrett complains after the match, saying that R-Truth is making a mockery of the King.


Backstage, people are bugging Machine Gun Kelly when Paige comes in and tries to recruit people for her cause.


Kevin Owens comes down to the ring.

"John Cena is not here tonight." The crowd likes this news.

If there is someone to blame for this, it is John Cena himself. Although Owens played a role in this beating, he claims that Cena made him do it.

Why? Because Cena said one of the most disrespectful things ever: "You belong here"

News flash: Kevin Owens knew this the second he entered a WWE ring, and he doesn't need an endorsement. He calls the handshake an attempt by Cena to hog the spotlight to be the hero.

The fact remains: Kevin Owens holds a victory over Cena, and he wants a rematch for the US Title. Owens starts mocking the John Cena routine (interrupt promo, issue challenge, whatever).

Instead, Kevin Owens issues an open challenge. Today's victim: DOLPH ZIGGLER!!!

Ziggler makes out with Lana before telling Owens that he made his night by talking about sacrifice. Ziggler then talks about how he scratched and clawed for everything he's gotten.

Oh yeah, this is non title, but Ziggler doesn't care


Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

This was so good. So so so so so good. Both men went back and forth and traded some of their best shots, including Owens kicking out of a Zig Zag. In the end, Owens was too much for Ziggler, who succumbed to a Pop-up Powerbomb

Kevin Owens def Dolph Ziggler

The man can have 4* matches on demand it seems.


Backstage, Paige tries to rally her troops against The Bella Twins when the subjects themselves interrupt and dissuade everyone that Paige has gathered (even Emma), leaving her alone against the Twins yet again.

The number 4 is going to become relevant quite soon...


Randy Orton vs Kane

Pretty average match that changes to a no holds barred match per Kane once Sheamus comes down to distract Orton. After the change, Orton eats a Brogue Kick, allowing Kane to pin him.

Kane def Randy Orton



After his match, Kane is backstage when Seth Rollins congratulates him on his victory, and then starts dogging him about losing last night. Rollins goes on until Kane eventually calls him an idiot for going on his own. Rollins brings up Kane's family, and Kane threatens to eviscerate Rollins.


A clip from Dusty Rhodes' Hall of Fame induction is shown.


Big Show vs The Miz

Ryback is on commentary.

The match starts and Big Show chases The Miz for a bit until he feigns a knee injury. This suckers Miz to Show when the trap is sprung. Show beats the hell out of Miz and eventually lawn-darts him onto Ryback

"I've got Miz all over me" - Ryback

As Show and Ryback trade words, Miz gets back into the ring to avoid a count-out.

The Miz def Big Show


Roman Reigns comes to the ring and says that he did not have a good night last night, and he is pissed off. He wants to throw down with Bray Wyatt RIGHT NOW!!!

Instead, Wyatt appears and starts cutting one of his usual promos, and Reigns is not impressed. Wyatt says that his chance at his destiny (aka the MITB Briefcase) was stolen two weeks ago when Reigns selfishly denied him. Wyatt attributes it to his ego and relates Reigns to a former chosen one that was cast aside.

Wyatt starts talking about justice, and he promises that he will haunt and destroy Reigns...but not tonight (since Father's Day is coming up). Wyatt starts singing I'm a Little Teapot and promises that their fun is just getting started.


Paige vs The Bella Twins

Well, Paige tried, but she couldn't over come both Bellas in this one. She hits the RamPaige on Brie, but Nikki breaks the cover, tags herself in, and hits the Bellahammer + Rack Attack combo for the win.

The Bella Twins def Paige


Machine Gun Kelly performs stuff. This would be a good time to relieve yourselves, get food/drink, and whatever else you all do.

After the performance, Kevin Owens comes out onstage and sarcastically applauds MGK. MGK shoves Owens, and Owens responds by powerbombing MGK off the stage.

Face turn?


The New Day vs Neville and The Primetime Players

This was your standard six-man tag. Darren Young was the main face-in-peril here, and Neville got the hot tag. Kofi Kingston ate the pin when he got Gut Checked and a Red Arrow.

Neville and the Primetime Players def The New Day


Dean Ambrose is throwing darts at a picture of Seth Rollins when he is interrupted by Kane. Ambrose brings up Kane's hellfire and brimstone past before Kane reminds Ambrose that he's a WWE executive. Ambrose brings passion into this, saying that this is his life. Ambrose says that he NEEDS the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he won't stop until he gets it.


The Authority comes to the ring.

First things first, Stephanie McMahon apologizes for Kevin Owens murdering MGK. Discipline is pending.

Steph promises a decision for Seth Rollins that is best for business. Trips crushes our dreams, saying that Joey Mercury isn't taking on Seth Rollins...neither will Jamie Noble, Kane, or Dean Ambrose.

At this moment, Seth Rollins comes out. He says that his opponent doesn't matter because no one can take his championship away. Note the chants as Seth gloats...

Trips said that Rollins has proven himself by beating his competition, but Steph brings up Rollins' use of interference and his arrogance a bit. As a result, there is something left to prove.

Trips says that he's had to take a step back to look at his investment in Seth Rollins. Trips says that his investment has to face immense pressure: either the pressure destroys it, or it turns it into something valuable.

Does Seth crumble, or become a diamond?

The pressure-maker comes out in the form of one Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman shakes the hands of Trips and Steph as Rollins looks absolutely terrified. Brock stares at Rollins as he starts shaking in fear. Rollins backs up, and Lesnar keeps following until Rollins leaves the ring.

A terrified Rollins leaves as Lesnar looks on to end the show.