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GIF: Sami Zayn's Koji Clutch on John Cena will make your day over and over

We've covered Sami Zayn's big debut on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada from all angles. Of course we have. Zayn answering John Cena's US title open challenge was a big moment, even if it was nearly ruined by a freak shoulder injury (he's scheduled for an MRI later this week), and we can't stop, won't stop celebrating it.

Like this GIF (via Wrestling With Text) of the Koji Clutch he broke out and Cena's amazing reaction to it:

No wonder everyone was gushing over this match. How can you watch that and feel anything other than pure unadulterated joy?

Get complete results and the live blog from Raw here, and a full recap of all the night's events here. Watch the full Cena vs. Zayn match in the Raw playlist here.

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