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Lots of people Tweeted about Sami Zayn's big WWE Raw match against John Cena, but none better than Kevin Owens

NXT Superstar Sami Zayn did his level best to break the internet last night when he answered John Cena's open challenge for the United States championship last night (May 4, 2015) on Raw.

Even after the match and show ended, 140 character or less reactions were still pouring in, like this one from The Champ:

A lot of his female co-workers got goosebumps...

And part of why the NXT Women's champ is so great is because she has a slightly different take on it...

The fellas down in Florida were excited, too:

(Quick aside - Now that The New Day has taken off, Dempsey is my nominee to replace Big E in the "if only we could figure out how to get his social media personality to show up on camera" slot on our smark scoreboards)

Including his on-screen boss:

Canadian FACT dropper (not that one, the one who used to be Arda Ocal) had some info on the head Zayniac's big night:

But no one's Tweets were better than Sami's friend-turned-mortal enemy, and the man he will (hopefully) face for the NXT title at TakeOver: Unstoppable in two weeks:

How did you celebrate The Likeable One's impersonation of a ruthlessly aggressive John Cena circa 2002?

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