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Sami Zayn scheduled for MRI on injured shoulder following WWE Raw match with John Cena

As great as last night was for Sami Zayn on Raw - being introduced by Bret Hart, taking United States champion and biggest star of his generation John Cena to the limit in front of your hometown crowd in Montreal - there's a gray cloud hanging over the moment.

Commentary and post-match video confirmed that Zayn was working with a shoulder injury. Anyone watching the bout could see him protecting his left side throughout the match. is keeping that story going, reporting that he'll have an MRI today to determine the type and extent of the injury.

It does not appear to completely be a work. Sami is renowned for his babyface selling of beatdowns, but between the referee throwing up the 'X' shortly into the match and the number of times you can see Cena pulling him in for conversations throughout, it's pretty apparent that something was up. Part of Zayn's recent time off from NXT was to rehab the shoulder, and The Wrestling Observer is reporting that he aggravated the existing issue while throwing his arms in the air to get the Quebec crowd to make more noise during his entrance.

Another look at the video does make that story seem quite plausible, too.

The Likeable One is scheduled to face current NXT champ and longtime rival Kevin Owens at TakeOver: Unstoppable in two weeks, live on WWE Network. At this point, there's nothing to indicate that Zayn won't make that scheduled appearance.

We'll keep you posted as to the results of the MRI or other news.

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