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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 4, 2015): Canada, baby!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 4, 2015) from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Payback pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Baltimore, Maryland.

Advertised for tonight: Seth Rollins now has two challengers for his title to contend with, Bray Wyatt is after Ryback, John Cena's US title open challenge continues, and much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Let's do this?!?


WWE Signature and we go straight into Montreal, where Randy Orton comes out to start the show.

Orton talks about the "Payback" name, and calls it a fitting name since Orton is going to get payback on Seth Rollins in a couple weeks. He briefly brings up Roman Reigns before declaring that he's gonna walking out as WWE Champion at Payback, and there's nothing Rollins or Reigns could do about it.

At this moment, Roman Reigns comes out, and the boos are raining down.

Reigns says that Payback isn't going down as Orton wants it to. Reigns says that he's gonna get payback on Rollins at Payback. Reigns and Orton start arguing until Orton rehashes the fact that he's a 12-time champion, an accolade that Reigns has not gotten close to achieving once.

Reigns does remind us of something: he DOES have a victory over Orton at SummerSlam, and Reigns doesn't mind breaking Orton in half.

The two men start jaw-jacking in the ring until The New Day (yep, you read this right) comes out, and OH MY GOD ORTON IS BOBBING HIS HEAD TO THEIR THEME!!!.

Xavier Woods says that need to spread the Power of Positivity in Montreal, and no one cares about the "Montreal Boo-Hoo-Job" currently going on.

New Day taunts Orton and Reigns some more, with Big E eventually saying that Seth Rollins has Randy Orton's number on speed dial.

Big E gives Reigns and Orton an opportunity: to clap with the New Day. They don't do it, and Kofi Kingston isn't impressed.

A match is announced: Roman Reigns and Randy Orton vs The New Day...RIGHT NOW!


The New Day vs Randy Orton and Roman Reigns

Fairly slow match that does pick up toward the end. Speaking of, the end comes when Roman Reigns inadvertently spears Randy Orton after Kofi Kingston dodges out of the way. Reigns is then pulled out of the ring by Big E as Kofi gets the pinfall.

The New day def Randy Orton and Roman Reigns

After the match, Kane comes out. He says that Orton and Reigns' evening isn't over. Kane wants to exploit the growing hatred between the two. Thus, a match is made for the main event: Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton...because that's best for business.


Backstage, Kane walks by an ecstatic New Day until he encounters Seth Rollins, who immediately starts ripping him over his recent decision and equates it to behaving before Christmas. He says that The Authority is going to punish him when he gets back. Kane responds by telling us about his Christmas traditions (which involves a blowtorch).

Kane makes another match: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose, and J&J Security is banned from ringside. Rollins complains until Kane shuts him up.


Renee Young is in the ring and introduces Ryback.

He tries to get a cheap pop from Montreal before Young asks about Bray Wyatt. Ryback replies that he's unfazed and has faced fear through his life. He also harps on the fans who keep chanting "Goldberg", saying that he ignores it.

Ryback starts talking about his various injuries and the fear of never competing again. He uses that fear to make him hungry to compete every night.

Ryback stays that Wyatt does have his attention, and Ryback is starving. Talking time is over; it's now feeding time.

At this moment, Wyatt appears on the Titantron. He calls Ryback a "scared little boy" under his tough surface. Wyatt lets Ryback in on a little secret: everything he loves will face away in time.


The Brass Ring Club vs The Ascension

Oh hey, The Ascension is still employed. They lose after eating the Swing/Dropkick combo.

The Brass Ring Club def The Ascension


Renee Young interviews Seth Rollins about his match with Dean Ambrose. He says that it's pointless, and Kane is a moron.


Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Before the match (as expected), Kane comes to make an announcement. If Dean Ambrose wins, he is in the Payback main event, making it a Fatal 4 Way. Rollins complains until Ambrose takes the mic and says that it's a great idea. Rollins takes the mic back and says that Canada doesn't matter.

As if I needed to say it......THIS MATCH WAS AWESOME!!! Both men completely brought it all and kept coming back for more. The end came when J&J Security tried to interject themselves into this match. The distraction allows Ambrose to roll-up Rollins for the win.

Dean Ambrose def Seth Rollins; Inserted into Payback main event


Backstage, Kane is on the phone when an angry Seth Rollins barges in. Kane calms him down, saying that there's a plan...Rollins is skeptical.

Byron Saxton interviews Lana about the reactions she gets. She denies the reactions until Fandango comes in and does....something. Fandango leaves as an angry Rusev confronts Lana.


Rusev vs Fandango

It should be noted that Lana came out a few seconds after Rusev did to a positive reaction. This is starting to turn into a Miz/Mizdow thing.

Fairly quick match that ends the usual way that Rusev matches do: with DAT KICK and The Accolade. It should be noted that Lana Fandangoed with Fandango before being sent to the back by Rusev.

Rusev crush Fandango


A small clip of E:60's NXT special is shown


Stardust vs R-Truth

Nothing match that ends when R-Truth gets rolled up by Stardust after scaring himself with a bag of fake read that right.

Stardust vs R-Truth


John Cena vs SAMI ZAYN (US Championship)

Cena comes out to a slightly polarizing reaction....heh. He talks up his I Quit match a bit (note: a LOUD "Ole" chant is ringing through the Bell Centre). The challenge is issued. Today's challenger:


He starts to introduce a great wrestler...then Heath Slater comes out. He does not want his moment to be quashed, and starts bashing the Canadians. He enters the ring, and Bret Hart hits him with the mic.


This match was completely and utterly awesome. Cena gave his best, but BAH GAWD Zayn kept kicking, especially when he kicked out of an AA. Cena kept his game up and used the stunner/AA combo to get the win.

John Cena def Sami Zayn

After the match, Cena raises Zayn's hand and exits the ring to give Zayn his moment.

You did good, kid, you did good.


Renee Young tries to get an interview with Sami Zayn when The New Day interrupts and tries to spread some positive energy. They start chanting until The Brass Ring Club interrupts and starts an argument with The New Day "CAT-astrophe is used here"

Best Raw of 2015? Definitely


Nikki Bella vs Naomi

Yeah the match doesn't happen. As The Bellas are on their way to the ring, Naomi and a returning Tamina destroy them. Naomi takes a mic and says that their reign of dominance is over, and this is what "family" is about.


King Barrett comes out to cut a promo.

He briefly brings up the royal family before again proclaiming his iron-fist rule. ALL HAIL KING BARRETT


Neville and Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus and King Barrett

Another really good match. Neville got the hot tag and went to town and was almost able to set up the Red Arrow. However, Sheamus distracted Neville enough to allow Barrett to hit the Bullhammer as Neville jumped into the ring, giving the heels the win.

Sheamus and King Barrett def Neville and Dolph Ziggler


Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Before the match can start, Kane, Seth Rollins, and J&J Security come out. Jamie Noble is the guest ring announcer, Joey Mercury is the special "bellkeeper", Kane is the ringside enforcer, and Seth Rollins is the guest commentator.

The match is a match that ends when Kane and co attack Randy Orton. Roman Reigns jumps the ropes and takes everyone out except Rollins, who takes advantage.. Orton tries to fight, but it doesn't work.

Eventually, Dean Ambrose comes down to even the odds and goes right after Rollins. The four men face off, and Rollins eats a spear, Reigns eats a RKO, and Orton eats Dirty Deeds.

Ambrose stands tall to end the show

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