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'It's not the end of him': Brie Bella discusses her husband's announcement on last night's WWE Raw (video)

Partly because it's wrestling and partly because WWE and Daniel Bryan have played his latest series of injury setbacks VERY close to the vest, some fans sense a work to the now former Intercontinental champion's segment on Raw last night (May 11, 2015).

I don't know about anyone else here at Cageside, but I don't have any inside information one way or the other. Other sites are saying they do think he'll at least remain a presence on our screens for the next week of WWE shows, and I'll be watching to see what develops there, as I know most of you will be.

Into that mix comes this Raw Fallout video with Bryan's wife, Brie Bella. The interview is in kayfabe, which is tricky enough, but the couple also at times play two different versions of themselves on wrestling shows and E!'s Total Divas, making it that much more difficult to discern work or shoot from their comments.

But, while I'm very much in the "long-term health over personal enjoyment" camp, I don't feel bad for feeling a little optimistic based on Brie's closing words in this video. It may make me basically Lloyd Christmas, and I'll own that.

Because even if it is the end of Daniel Bryan the in-ring performer, his role on Tough Enough means the company values him enough to continue to find ways to utilize his talent and knowledge. Which means it might be the end of an era, but its not goodbye.

"It's not the end of him".

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