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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 11, 2015): Payback go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 11, 2015) from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio featuring the go home show to the upcoming Payback pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Baltimore, Maryland.

Advertised for tonight: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon are back, Rusev has promised to make John Cena say "I Quit," and much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Let's do this?!?


WWE Signature and Raw intro...looks like the intro vid has been changed a bit


After a long respite, Triple H makes his way to the ring

"Daddy's home"

He talks about how that saying immediately causes his children to behave better, and he says that a couple people in WWE (hint: Kane and Seth Rollins) need to heed that saying.

Trips says that the air will be cleared tonight, and he calls Kane and Seth Rollins to the ring.

Rollins shakes Trips' hand and welcomes him back. He starts sucking up to Trips in regards to Kane and what's best for business and whatever. An immediate "we want Ambrose" chants starts by the hometown crowd.

Rollins says that he feels that Kane has made it his personal mission to cost Rollins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He brings up Ambrose and complains more and more, eventually saying that Kane isn't fit to be Director of Operations anymore. An "Ammmmmm-brooooose" chant starts...Attitude Era fans can figure this out real quick.

Eventually, Kane comes out. He brings up the old "with age comes wisdom" saying and says that wisdom is telling him that he should chokeslam Rollins straight to hell.

The two start arguing until Trips breaks it up. He tells Kane to get on the same page and check his ego at the door (yes, Triple H said THAT). He reminds us that Seth Rollins is best for business.

Triple H drops an ultimatum: if Seth Rollins does not walk out of Payback as champion, then Kane's services are no longer needed.

Kane responds by saying that eviscerating Rollins is what's best for business. Rollins starts barking at Trips, who tells him to shut up. He then asks Kane if this is the time where they amicably part ways. Kane does not answer.

Trips makes a couple matches: Kane vs Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton.

Jamie Noble then takes a mic and starts ripping Trips' decision. Trips doesn't acknowledge them for a moment until he sees them and spontaneously makes a match (while stooping to Jamie's level): J&J Security vs Dean Ambrose.


Dean Ambrose vs J&J Security

This wasn't a super-competitive match, but instead more of a match to make J&J look like incompetent ninnies. Ambrose gets the win with Dirty Deeds on Noble.

Dean Ambrose def J&J Security.

Ladies and gentlemen, cruiserweights.


Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett

Sheamus is on commentary for this. Ziggler vs Sheamus is also announced for Payback

Barrett cuts a pre-match promo vowing to Bullhammer Neville at Payback.

Fairly standard match that isn't much to write home about. Barrett gets the win with the Bullhammer following a distraction from Sheamus.

King Barrett def Dolph Ziggler.

After Barrett leaves, Sheamus enters the ring and starts bullying Ziggler. Ziggler tries to fight, but eats a Brogue.


Erick Rowan vs Fandango

It should be noted that Luke Harper is accompanying Rowan.

Rowan absolutely crushes more to say.

Erick Rowan def Fandango

And after the match, Harper decapitates Fandango.


John Cena vs Neville (US Championship)

Before the match, Cena cuts one of his usual pre-challenge promos about the US Title and his various challengers from Stardust to Sami Zayn. He briefly addresses his upcoming I Quit match before making the challenge. Today's challenger: NEVILLE!!!

This match....DEAR LORD THIS MATCH WAS AMAZING!!! Both men threw all caution to the wind and gave each other their all. Let me give you an idea: Neville used a second rope Phoenix Splash...need I say more.

The end comes when Neville hits the Red Arrow, and is attacked by Rusev immediately after...I hate you, Rusev

Neville def John Cena by DQ

After the bell, Rusev beats Cena down.


Kane vs Roman Reigns

Yeah the match doesn't happen. Kane and Reigns brawl until Reigns spears Kane over the announce table.


Brie Bella vs Tamina

This match, believe it or not, wasn't bad. Tamina looked somewhat improved from the last time we saw her, and she nearly decapitated Brie with a superkick.

Tamina def Brie Bella


Curtis Axel vs Macho Mandow

Yes, this is a thing.

Mandow has the upper hand until The Ascension comes down to cut an incomprehensible promo. They attack Axel and Mandow, but Axel/Mandow get the upper hand until The Ascension runs in fear.

Axel and Mandow shake hands...this is really a thing now


After a month away, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring.

Bryan brings up the last couple weeks and bring in and out of doctor's offices. He's had a lot of downtime, and he doesn't enjoy downtime. He needed to be in a place with a high amount of energy, and he brings up the crowd's treatment of him.

He starts talking about being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and letting everyone down. However, he admits that Stephanie McMahon was right to strip him because no one knew the magnitude of his injury, and the crowd deserved a fighting champion.

That, in fact, is why he asked to come out...the crowd has a bad feeling about this.

Bryan had an MRI last week, and they don't know how long he'll be out. As a result, he says that the crowd deserves someone who will fight for the Intercontinental Championship.

Bryan officially surrenders the Intercontinental Championship, and a "thank you Daniel" chant starts. Bryan turns it around and thanks the crowd.

He puts the mic and title down in the middle of the ring and receives a standing ovation as he walks out.

And for good measure, he leads a huge Yes chant


Big E vs Cesaro

Before the match, Xavier Woods tells the crowd to rejoice in Daniel Bryan being gone, and Big E tells the Cincinnati crowd that Pete Rose doesn't deserve another chance...the crowd didn't like this much though.

Kofi announces a 2/3 falls match for Payback: The New Day vs The Brass Ring Club...pants off.

This was another really fund match. Let me give an example: Cesaro stomps Big E to the rhythm of "New...DAYSUCKS" during this match. Cesaro gets the win with a really cool roll-up thing.

Cesaro def Big E


Elimination Chamber returns on Sunday, May 31...exclusively on the WWE Network


The Primetime Players mock DX


Bray Wyatt comes out and says that he feels sorry for all of us because he can't fix us. He starts talking about fear and it's overwhelming influence on us.

Eventually he connects fear with Ryback: a person who looked fear in the face and overcame it....until now.

Wyatt drops a bomb on the kiddies: "Sometimes, the bad guy just wins."

At this moment, Ryback comes to the ring and the two start brawling until Ryback gets the upper hand.


Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Decent enough match that ends with (surprise) interference from J&J Security.

Randy Orton def Seth Rollins by DQ

Rollins and J&J beat Orton down until Kane comes out and gets a chair. As the beatdown continues, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns makes the save. Eventually all four Fatal 4 Way participants staredown as Kane holds a chair. Kane looks on as Rollins eats Dirty Deeds, a spear, and a RKO. Orton is speared, and Reigns eats Dirty Deeds to end the show.

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