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WWE Raw ratings (April 6, 2015): Viewers down big due to NCAA basketball title game

Last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Austin, Texas was always going to see a decrease in viewership if only because it was up against the NCAA college basketball national championship. That's exactly what happened too, as the Duke vs. Wisconsin tournament final drew over 28 million viewers.

Raw, meanwhile, fell to 3.96 million, down big from the 5.36 million last week's WrestleMania 31 fallout show brought in.

That said, the hourly breakdown shows that the basketball game is largely to blame:

Hour one: 4.30 million
Hour two: 4.04 million
Hour three: 3.55 million

While it looks bad that the show lost viewers hour after hour, losing almost a million from hour one to three, it's actually a positive that the show drew as well as it did considering the circumstances. What will be interesting is whether or not the numbers bounce back next week now that the creative direction for the next month has been made clear.

For complete results and the live blog from Raw click here. For a recap with reactions to all the night's events click here. To watch highlights of the show click here.

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