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Detail Work: Rollins' New Finisher, Tebow, and Naomi's Music

Sometimes the smallest of changes can make or break pro wrestlers. Let's check out what WWE got right and wrong on last night's Raw (April, 20th, 2015).

Watching wrestling week after week can become a monotonous melting pot of sameness. Causing a strong case of boredom, that may lead to a "what am I doing with my life?" discussion with yourself. Luckily, if you look for the small changes -- whether positive or negative -- it can make shows much more interesting. So let's take a look at what worked, and didn't work on last night's Raw.


Attention to Detail

New Day's New Duds - It's pretty clear now they are heading down the dastardly road to Heelville, and with that change in character, so did the clothes. Getting away from the baby blue, a much more appropriate mix of grey, white, and neon green was put together for the team.

Ambrose Changes Shirts - Not a major change here, but both Ambrose and Harper tend to wear similar white sleeveless shirts. Although, the latter is usually much more sweaty and stained. Either way, it would take away from the match, if they are rocking the same gear. So last night, Ambrose wore his own merch, which was predominately black. The stark contrast now separates the two nicely, as they head for a "Chicago Street Fight" this Sunday.

Bo Dallas' Tim Tebow Comment - Bo thought it would be a fantastic idea to come to the ring and insult Roman Reigns with the following: "Roman, let's face it. You're kind of a bust. You are the Tim Tebow of the WWE!" Not only was this a great line, but topical since Tewbow just signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, Bo was met with a Superman Punch shortly after...

Lack of Attention to Detail

Seth Rollins' New Finisher - With the Curb Stomp unofficially banned, Rollins has to find a new way to put down his opponents. He finished off Ziggler with a front face-lock DDT/Drop, that is way too similar to Ambrose's Dirty Deeds. If WWE is worried about concussions, this move is still putting opponents on their heads, and it's not nearly as cool looking. Keeping searching Rollins, keep searching....

Naomi's Music - With yet another recent heel turn, Naomi is no longer playing nice, and has the title in her sights. Last night, she took out Brie Bella -- "1,2,3!" -- and when that music hit! "Funk is on a rolllll!" Wait, what? Why is she still given that old music meant for a Face? Come on WWE, you must have something a little more fitting for her. Also, aside from some aggressive punching, her moveset could use some tweaks, maybe a new power move or finisher? On the plus side, her new outfit is great!

Bella Twins' Face Turn, Maybe? - It looks like we're heading toward a Nikki vs. Noami match, and Noami clearly is the heel, so did the Bellas turn face? It wasn't very clear, if this is the case. Brie came out in her usual wrestling attire, while Nikki wore a more conservative soft pink ensemble, that may have hinted at the turn. Post-match, Noami did all the boasting, while Nikki was reserved and seemed more sad that her sister lost. If we're getting a turn, have them cut a promo at least, let's make it official.

Ending of Miz/Mizdow Feud - After a glorious slow build to this feud, WWE fast tracked the ending, so Miz could go off and make another terrible movie. In the wake, Mizdow is no more, he lost all rights to the "Miz Brand". So where does he go now? This was a fear most fans had once the Miz/Mizdow feud wrapped up. He doesn't have the Andre the Giant trophy, his Mizdow gimmick, or even Summer Rae. This could have been one of the great mid-card feuds of the year, instead, it ended with an eye rake, and a whimper...


Any other details -- or lack thereof -- stand out to you in last night's show? Hit up the comments, and let us know.

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