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GIF: Vince McMahon was right, Neville might actually be a superhero

Maybe the old man wasn't too far off with his whole "Mighty Mouse" idea...

We've seen Neville do some pretty cool things in the couple of weeks since he officially debuted on the main WWE roster. If you've been watching NXT the past couple of years, you're quite familiar with flawless execution of an array of aerial maneuvers (and, you'll probably reflexively call him Adrian for at least the next year or so).

But even as a guy who saw more than his fair share of PAC matches in PWG, I'm not sure I've seen him do this...

GIF courtesy of WrasslorMonkey's absolutely essential Wrestling with Text

For those who missed Raw, that's Neville tightrope walking the barricade to bounce on his tiptoes like a diver and land a perfect 450 onto Dolph Ziggler on the floor.

A direction and a character would be swell, but as long as he can do stuff like this, the Jumpin' Geordie is gonna be fine.

Maybe we should even lobby to get him to wear the cape during his matches.

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