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WWE Raw results, live blog (April 13, 2015): Anarchy in the UK!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 13, 2015) from the O2 Arena in London, England, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Chicago, Illinois.

Advertised for tonight: Another open challenge from John Cena for the US title, a Divas battle royal to determine the number one contender to Nikki Bella's title, and Randy Orton running down Seth Rollins. Plus, other things!

Special note: Because this show will take place in London, results will be available before it airs on USA in the United States. Please avoid discussing spoilers in this thread and use the spoilers thread that will be up elsewhere on the site. Thank you.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Let's do this


WWE Signature and Raw intro.


John Cena comes out to a mixed and musical reaction.

He panders to the 02 Arena crowd a bit before issuing his weekly US Title open challenge.

This week's challenger: Bad News Barrett (to a huge pop)

Barrett soaks in the reaction before vowing to defeat John Cena in front of his beloved English crowd.


John Cena vs Bad News Barrett (US Title)

Although I missed a bit of this match due to putting groceries away, this was an awesome back-and-forth match that featured both men kicking out of their finishers. Eventually, Cena hits an AA following a springboard stunner.

John Cena def Bad News Barrett

After the match, Lana comes out and starts taunting Cena until Rusev hits him with a chain. Lana announces that John Cena vs Rusev at Extreme Rules will be a Russian chain match...whatever that means.


Randy Orton vs Cesaro and Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler is announced for later tonight. The winner picks the stipulation for the title match.

An announcement regarding Tough Enough is announced for next week.


Divas Battle Royal (#1 Contender for Divas Championship)

As expected, Paige got a massive reaction from her native England.

Eventually, the final two are Paige and Naomi. They go at it for a couple minutes until Paige kicks Naomi out of the ring.

Paige wins the Divas Battle Royal; will face Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules


After the match, Byron Saxton interviews Paige about her win. She reminisces on her first Divas title win and her win at WrestleMania. She talks about her rise through the English wrestling scene before making it to WWE.

And yes, this is her house.

As Paige starts to address Nikki, Naomi runs into the ring and beats the holy hell out of Paige. This gives Naomi some instant nuclear heat with the London crowd.


Bray Wyatt cuts another cryptic promo about love and fear. I haven't a clue about the subject of these promos yet.


Lucha Dragons vs The Ascension

Very quick match that saw the Lucha Dragons get a win over The Ascension.

Lucha Dragons def The Ascension


Booker T introduces Roman Reigns, who comes out to a VERY mixed reaction.

Booker T asks about Seth Rollins stealing the title from Brock Lesnar. Before Reigns can answer, the crowd starts a "Suplex City" chant.  He responds by saying that he is staying mentally strong, and he gave Lesnar a hell of a fight at WrestleMania.

Reigns address Seth Rollins, saying that he has beaten Rollins, and he will become WWE Champion. Booker T then addresses Big Show's interference. Roman responds by calling Big Show Seth's bitch.

At this moment, Big Show comes on the tron and cuts off Big Show. Show brings up the fact that Reigns failed at WrestleMania. Show vows to make Reigns the biggest failure in WWE history.

Reigns starts making fun of Big Show and his use of the "Jumbotron" to say his schtick. He then vows to shove the Andre BR trophy down Show's throat and make him retire if he opens his big mouth again.

As Roman Reigns leaves, Big Show ambushes him and throws him into the London taxi a few times. The crowd chants "please retire", "you sold out", and "you fat bastard" toward him as he continues the beatdown, which culminates with a chokeslam on the car.


Randy Orton vs Cesaro

This is a standard fare match until Tyson Kidd interferes, causing a DQ.

Randy Orton def Cesaro by DQ

Kane comes out and restarts the match as a handicap match.


Randy Orton vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

This was a fun enough match despite some sloppy moments. Orton gets the win after a huge RKO on Kidd.

Randy Orton def Cesaro/Kidd


Backstage, Seth Rollins asks Kane if he has anymore bright ideas. Kane responds by telling Rollins to win so both men can pick the stipulation. Rollins responds that he wants the best chance to win, so he says the he won't be facing Dolph Ziggler tonight. After unsuccessfully volunteering Jamie Noble and a "car battery to the testicles" threat, Rollins implies that he should take on Kane tonight.


Dean Ambrose vs Adam Rose

Very short match. Ambrose pretty much destroys Rose (although Rose got to use that amazing spinebuster).

Dean Ambrose def Adam Rose



Backstage, Kane is admiring a Who shirt when Big Show comes up to him. Show reminds him that he has to do what's best for business, and Randy Orton as champion is not best for business. Therefore, we will have Kane vs Seth Rollins, and Kane will do what's best for business


Stardust vs Fandango

Shorter than short. Stardust wins with a Disaster Kick.

Stardust def Fandango

After the match, Fandango dumps Rosa Mendes, saying that he should be sharing his gift of dance with the world. His old music starts playing, and EVERYONE starts Fandangoing. He puts on JBL's hat, and this is awesome


Backstage, Daniel Bryan comes up to Kane. Kane tells Bryan to "please go away" Bryan harks on Kane using "please" before telling Kane to tombstone Rollins on the steps. Bryan goes on until Kane screams at him to leave. As he leaves, Bryan tells Kane to not be a stooge.


Seth Rollins vs Kane

Kane comes out in full-suit for this match. After the bell rings, Kane starts taking the suit off to Seth's dismay. The two have a staredown, and Kane eventually lies down for the pin. The ref counts to two, then Kane throws Rollins off. J&J Security try to talk sense into Kane, but are hurled out of the ring. Rollins starts to yell at Kane, causing Kane to cold-cock him. After a few seconds, Kane chokeslams him and teases a Tombstone, but Kane comes to his senses, lies down, and pulls Rollins' arm over him.

Seth Rollins def Kane

Well...that happened.


The Miz vs Damien Mizdow

Another very quick match. Mizdow gets the win after a leveraged roll-up, just like Miz did last week.

Damien Mizdow def The Miz


The Prime-Time Players mock more tag teams.


Ryback vs Luke Harper

Yet another short match. Ryback gets the DQ win when Luke Harper hits him with part of the announce table.

Ryback def Luke Harper by DQ

As Harper tries to maim Ryback, Dean Ambrose comes out and drives him away.


Byron Saxton interviews Naomi about her attack on Paige. She starts the interview all sympathetic-like, but she changes course, calling it all about her. She questioned the need for the battle royal after she beat Nikki Bella not once, but twice. She's over being the kind one; she's gonna take what she can take.


Dolph Ziggler vs Neville

Before the match, Ziggler calls Kane the "Devil's Favorite Dumbass" before issuing an open challenge. Who answers? NEVILLE!

Pants. Off.

This match was pure,unadulterated awesomeness. Let me give you an idea...Neville did a 450 Splash off of the barricade. Need I say more? Ziggler wins with the Zig Zag after he dodges a Red Arrow attempt.

Dolph Ziggler def Neville

After the match, Ziggler tries to congratulate Neville, but Sheamus doesn't allow it. He Brogue Kicks Neville, fends off Ziggler, then delivers a Brogue to him.


Seth Rollins and J&J Security come out, and Rollins takes a seat in a recliner.

Rollins immediately addresses the people booing him, telling them that it won't change the face that he is the best WWE World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

He addresses Kane, saying that real men know when to lie down.

Rollins calls Orton out to the ring to deliver the stipulation.

Orton challenges Rollins to a fight right then and there, but Rollins waves it off, saying that he needs the right opportunity.

The stipulations are laid out. Rollins bans Orton from using the RKO. Orton makes it a steel cage match to prevent any Authority shenanigans (worked quite well for Cena and Wyatt last year, didn't it?)

After Rollins boasts some more, Orton flips his recliner over and starts swinging at anyone and everyone. RKOs are delivered to J&J while Rollins escapes again.

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