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Despite Brock Lesnar attack, Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T will all be back on Raw next week

Brock Lesnar snapped on Monday Night Raw this week and injured all three of the show's announcers, Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T, with Cole getting the worst of it. He was actually hospitalized for his ailments, said to be a "possible cervical fracture."

Oh, the humanity!

But there is good news! has come back with an update and all three will be back on Raw next week. First, Cole:

After being sent to a local medical facility on Monday night, Michael Cole requested to go home for evaluation by his own doctors. Earlier today, he was diagnosed with a bulging disc at the C6/C7 level. In addition, he has been experiencing severe neck, back and right shoulder pain.

Apparently he's also currently contemplating legal action against Lesnar.

Now, JBL:

JBL left Monday Night Raw feeling some pain in his abdomen but, as a veteran of the ring, figured it wasn't any more serious than anything he had experienced before.

However, he explained to that he then woke in the middle of the night in excruciating pain and went to a local medical facility, where he was diagnosed with an abdominal wall tear. As a result, he had to undergo surgery on Tuesday and will rest at his home in Bermuda. He also confirmed that he will be at Monday Night Raw.

What a trooper.

Finally, Booker T:

As a direct result of Lesnar's assault, Booker T suffered contusions and general soreness, but no other injuries. The WWE Hall of Famer also confirmed that he, too, will be at Raw.

It hurts but it will heal!

If nothing else, this gets Byron Saxton off the hook and Jerry Lawler won't need to be called in to save the broadcast.

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