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WWE Raw ratings (Mar. 30, 2015): Viewers up HUGE for WrestleMania 31 fallout show

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Considering it was the fallout show from WrestleMania 31, the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) event of the entire year, it was expected that Monday Night Raw would pull huge numbers for USA last night for its show in San Jose, California.

Did it ever.

This week's episode averaged 5.36 million viewers, up huge from 4.18 million last week. It's actually the most viewers for an episode of Raw dating all the way back to 2012.

Here's the equally impressive hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 5.22 million
Hour two: 5.59 million
Hour three: 5.26 million

Those are fantastic numbers any which way you slice it. The key now will be whether or not the show that was presented was strong enough to maintain a level anymore close to that going forward. Brock Lesnar's angle was an all time great, but it looks likely he'll be gone for months.

Will Seth Rollins be a draw as WWE world heavyweight champion? Stay tuned.

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