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John Cena is still just super happy to be performing for you, fans who hate his guts

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More of this.

"Reaction; great word. Tonight's a night where you have to be reactive. I'm sure everyone expected certain reactions when John Cena comes out as the new United States champion and I don't know if the reaction they were expecting is the reaction they got. I got news for the superstar who thinks they're universally accepted: that's just the audience being polite enough to bite their tongue. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to perform in this arena in this atmosphere the day after winning a championship at WrestleMania. I told everybody out there, I'm not out to change anybody's mind about me, I'm out to change everyone's mind about this. I am proud of this country, I am proud of this championship, and I want to give it the meaning and the equity that it deserves. The open challenge, whether I expected Rusev or, like I said, Brooklyn Brawler I'm putting this championship and my confidence in it on the line. My hat's off to Dean Ambrose, one hell of a competitor. I'm sure that's not the last match we have. If he beats me for this, he's the better man and I know with that type of man he'll carry this type of championship with integrity. All said, tonight was a wonderful night and it was an absolute honor to be out there performing in front of this WWE Universe."

When John Cena made his entrance during Monday Night Raw last night in San Jose, fans in the arena sang along to his theme music with the lyrics "John Cena sucks." His response to this was what we've come to expect from a man who so closely resembles a robot: He's just glad you're making noise, and he's just so honored to perform for you.

Even if you hate his stinking guts.

This is perhaps the biggest issue with the John Cena character. Even superheros are fallible. This idea that Cena isn't bothered even one bit by the hate so consistently thrown his way is so far beyond ridiculous it's nearly impossible to take anything he says or does seriously. That's a real shame too, considering Cena is still one of the better performers on the WWE roster, a hell of a promo when the writing is there and capable of outstanding matches with a variety of partners.

It's just impossible to overlook the character overlooking something no actual real live human being could overlook, especially with how long he's sustained this seemingly indifferent attitude.

Still, we shouldn't expect anything to change, at least not anytime soon.