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A great women's tag team match ruined by offensive crowd chants

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Last night on Raw, AJ, Naomi, Paige, Natalya, Brie, and Nikki put on a fantastic tag match. Unfortunately, the crowd got a little weird during this one...

Thanks to how the women's division has been booked by WWE for so long, we, as fans, tend to gloss over their matches on Raw. Last night was different. AJ, Paige, and Naomi took on Natalya, Nikki, and Brie in what was one of the best WWE women's division tag matches in recent memory. Thanks to AJ wearing Bayley's "I'm a Hugger" shirt, the crowd busted out a "We want Bayley" chant.

But it wasn't the last one we would hear from them.

They had about 10 minutes to work and didn't waste a minute of it. Naomi started things off against Natalya, both getting in some impressive offense. Paige tagged in against Brie and landed some nasty head butts, eventually tackling Brie all the way to the outside. Every woman got to work, and the match benefited greatly from all the different match-ups. AJ ended up being the face in peril, as the heels worked her over for most of the match.

Nikki Bella showed why she is the top heel in the division, mocking AJ as she strained to tag out, and blasting Paige -- while she was on the apron - with cheap shot after cheap shot.

After Nikki landed solid Alabama Slam on Naomi, all hell broke loose with everyone getting involved. Natalya pulled off a nasty release German Suplex on Paige; AJ immediately pounced on Natalya, but was quickly tossed out of the ring by Brie; Naomi ducked one of Nikki's Hoss Elbows, but Brie did not. She wilted immediately to the ground, distracting Nikki for a moment. Naomi was able to take advantage, landing her finisher -- The Rear-View -- followed by a surprising 1-2-3 on the champ!

To the fans who clapped along during all this, chanting "Let's go AJ" and "Let's go Divas", great job. To the smaller group of fans who thought it would be funny to start up sexually offensive chants, shame on you. Trying to rally the women's division one minute then being disgusting to those same women the next is counterproductive.

If you want more importance put on the division, treat it with more prestige. Or even just, you know, have some basic human decency and respect for these people. Don't ruin a great match with your stupidity. Maybe think about the women in your life and how they would feel having that kind of garbage sent their way.

In the end, it was a great match. If you missed it, here it is in full: