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UPDATED: Neville, Lucha Dragons make WWE Raw debut

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UPDATE: Neville did appear, answering Curtis Axel's kick-off of the road to AXE-treme Rules. His first name didn't make the trip with him. The much rumored and maligned "Mighty Mouse" seems to just be that he has a hooded cape for entrances, and then is himself in the ring.

ORIGINAL: Last year set a high bar for NXT call-ups on the Raw after WrestleMania, when Paige debuted and walked out with the Divas Championship.

It was probably best to not try to shoot any higher than that tonight.

The show's not over yet, so they could still have a surprise or two in store for us. But in an already phenomenal hour-plus of television, NXT has made its presence known.

First, two pairs of NXT tag champs participated in an eight-man match when The Ascension partnered with division champs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro to face The New Day & The Lucha Dragons. Kalisto and Sin Cara have worked Main Event and Superstars, but this was their coming out party. The San Jose crowd especially enjoyed Kalisto, and having him work with a technician like Cesaro (with a wealth of experience with smaller guys and luchadors) was a smart move. The former Samuray Del Sol won with his Salina Del Sol finisher.

While it doesn't look like he'll debut tonight, Adrian Neville received a promo package that surely signals more than a one-off match like his previous Raw appearance with Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze. No date was announced, but social media was speculating on that and if he would be the latest NXT call-up to lose a name in the transition. Neville was the only name listed on the graphic, and Adrian may join the graveyard with Antonio, Alexander and Langston.

Raw is off the charts, Cagesiders, so let us know what you think about this news, but hold on for more with another hour and a half to go!